Let the fun begin!

We’re alive!  Well not quite, but our blog is up and running and this is the first post of what will surely be many in the weeks, months, and years ahead. How many years? Who knows…that’s entirely up to you.

So why are we here and who are we? Simply put, this blog is designed to be our soapbox to the world for Calgoo, the Calgoo site, and the Calgoo client app [mamma always said good things come in threes]. For all those that just have stumbled upon our little site — be it literally by StumbleUpon [a cool little tool and community in its own right], a regular ol’ Web search [Thanks Google!], or were referred here by a buddy/colleague/confidante/spouse/lover/partner/pal/assistant/other — welcome!

Calgoo is the first product from Time Search Inc. (TSI) and is a free, downloadable software application that is destined to become the best aggregator of timespace data (or so states the business plan). The initial version, which we’ve tentatively been calling either First Draft or Draft 1 (in part because Beta is so last month and overdone), will focus on making the lives of Google Calendar users better.

Calgoo ‘D1’ will allow you to subscribe and work with more calendars than is practical with Google Calendar directly. Your calendars and schedules will be brought to the desktop where you can easily search, filter, and organize them. Calgoo will work when you are online and offline so you don’t need an Internet connection to use your calendar. Calgoo will also improve calendar sharing, making it easier for you to collaborate with your friends, colleagues, family and social groups.

Let the fun begin.


3 Responses to Let the fun begin!

  1. Stuart Swallow says:

    Names for owls: t.wit and t.woo.

  2. RJ says:

    that sounds like TWIT and TWOO. TWOO’s OK, but ‘TWIT’ does not say much about Calgoo’s ‘intelligence’. Something, I am sure, the dev guys will not appreciate much!!

  3. What about the previous post? I think it’s an important note as well.

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