Day One – Trials, Tribulations & Triumph

Well that was quite a day.

To all those who came and tried things out — whether you found out about us via the Download of the Day link on Lifehacker, on CyberNet, or any of the countless other bloggers who mentioned our little “how-do-you-do” (as of a few minutes ago, Technorati listed 34 blog references) — a big THANK YOU. To all those who commented on these aforementioned blogs, commented on our blogs, or sent us e-mail, believe me, we read every one of them — or at least we tried to (at times it was kind of hard to concentrate in between the shrill cries of our developers yelling, “Calgoo is NOT a virus!” and the whimpering of our sys admin as he started to see us spike up on Digg, fully aware of the chaos of the Digg Effect). In case you didn’t hear me, Calgoo is NOT a virus…

“Just to let everyone know, we did verify that NOD triggers on our install kit, MacAffee sometimes does as well but no others that we have used. We found the content that tripped the switch and happily discovered that the 3rd party that provided the offending library had already cleaned that content out (a little quietly for our liking). The content does not trigger NOD or MacAffee at runtime, so running Calgoo does not put you at risk. We appreciate the feedback and have updated our download so that we don’t worry any more users.”

Dear Mac users, we owe you a big apology. Actually, make that a HUGE apology. We had hoped to have the Mac version available at the time of the First Draft launch, but we didn’t do it. And we didn’t append our download copy to say “Windows only”. Bad Calgoo. If there is any consolation, we are testing Mac and Linux environments right now and hope to have these ready for you ASAP. We’ve also put the comment front and center that, for now, it is to be used on one of Billy’s boxes only.

As for the download size, the requirement for Java 1.5, the need for mirror download sites, and a plethora of other issues (some of which we were aware of some and some were new). Rest assured, we are working quickly at addressing your concerns/issues/fears/suggestions.

In the end, it was a good day for a First Draft release (see next posting).

6 Responses to Day One – Trials, Tribulations & Triumph

  1. jonezy says:

    I haven’t been able to get it working yet (I have emailed about it) but I think you have the potential for a great application here!

  2. thimsen says:

    How about a linux version? What’s the point in writing an app in platform independant code if it’s only available on one 😀 I am running it on a windows box I have at home, looks good. Keep up the good work.

  3. eyeguy1 says:

    I never received my confirmation e mail and can’t download the app.

  4. Thomas says:

    Awaiting the Mac version. 🙂

  5. Lon Phillips says:

    I am trying unsuccssfully to get a Colorado Avalanche 2006-2007 schedule loaded into Calgoo.

    I have NO IDEA what I’m doing! HELP!!!!!!!

  6. helpmeowl says:


    Being a Vancouver based company we have written code that blocks any appointments which contain the phrase “Colorado Avalanche”, except when they play the Canucks of course.

    HE HE just kidding.

    In Calgoo v0.12, you can use 2 different methods to add new calendars to Calgoo.

    The first is to use the wizard from the Manage – Account Settings menu. This works if you have already added the new calendar to the list on your GCal account.

    The second way is to add it manually. If you access the User Manual via the Help – Help Contents menu, it will guide you through the process.


    Help Me Owl
    (aka Canuck Owl)

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