So what is First Draft anyhow?

A lot of the postings seemed to reference our use of “First Draft” rather than Alpha, Beta, v.1.0, etc. [and to Paul Stamatiou, we do not think we are better than the Web 2.0 bubble by saying “First Draft”]. Why did we do it, well that is the best description that we could come up with.

Unfortunately, people (thanks in large part to Google and the whole Web 2.0 phenomenon/bubble) expect that when you see Beta next to a product, it is entirely workable, defect free, and a good option for all that ails them. Heck, even Microsoft is charging for their Beta.

Our justification for naming is just this. Think back to writing those college/university papers when you first put all your thoughts down on paper. Sometimes you get it right the very first time and your prose are perfect, and with a few edits here and there … whammo – you submit an A+ paper. But the reality for most of us isn’t like that. You put your first draft together with an underlying genesis of an idea at the core, cobbled together with bits and pieces of stories you read, the odd plagiarized copy here and there [legal note: this is a reference to using Google’s API, not an Apple/Creative thing], and paragraphs that sound good, but you know they are not in the final order. If it is a thesis, you may even have a committee who reviews your first draft and offers you feedback on how to improve, change, modify, etc. You may even get steered down an entirely different path by the feedback you receive. And that is why it is Calgoo First Draft.

And like the term paper, we gave ourselves a deadline. Otherwise, products are never released, and they will never be more than 90% done. So if you want to label it, you can call it version 1.0 if you must. But we ask this of you, don’t grade us yet. This is just the beginning.

7 Responses to So what is First Draft anyhow?

  1. Calgoo : Google Calendar offline

    Calgoo est une apllication java qui permet de consulter et modifier des Google Calendar. L’avantage ? Il est possible d’accder son agenda off-line. De…

  2. jonezy says:

    Great explanation and hey a little change never hurt anyone!

  3. JMathai says:

    Is anyone else having trouble authenticating with Google Calendar through Calgoo? I have it installed and when I submit my Google Calendar email/password…it says that they are incorrect. I’ve quadruple checked this by logging into Google Calendar with the same credentials and I can get in fine.

  4. Anirudh says:

    I’ve installed calgoo and love the interface, but the problem is that I’m behind a restrictive firewall and access to the net is blocked except through port 8080.

    Is there any way that I can make it work. Thanks

  5. Anirudh says:

    There’s no option to set proxy in calgoo.

  6. helpmeowl says:

    Anirudh and JMathai,

    There is a responses to your question in our support blog at the following address.

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