A word about trust and our intentions at Calgoo

The launch of Calgoo has created a reasonable sized ripple in the Blogosphere. Among the many comments and questions are several that relate to trust and how Calgoo treats user’s information. This is an important area for us and it should be important to you – it’s a dangerous world out there – so here are a few thoughts direct from the Owl’s Nest.

Google Calendar credentials – Our application needs to be able to communicate with your Google Calendar in order to function. As Calgoo is a desktop based application, your machine speaks with your Google Calendar and stores your data locally. When Calgoo asks for your Google Calendar credentials they are stored on your computer and your computer only, we do not receive or store this information. We have started a dialogue with Google and will be discussing this with them.

Privacy and Terms of Use – We have links to these policy docs posted on the www.calgoo.com website. As a company we are committed to upholding best practices when it comes to respecting your information. Our philosophy is to only ask you for information that we need in order to provide you with services that you ask for. We also commit to keeping your information safe.

Calwho? – Calgoo is backed by a great team. We are a Canadian based company with real offices and real people. You can see our happy faces on the about section of our website and follow the link back to our corporate page if you want to find out more about us.

Trust – We know we have to earn it. We intend to make the Calgoo experience so darn good that you all become vocal advocates. If we make you happy, you will tell others – that’s our goal. We want you all hooting like happy Owls.

3 Responses to A word about trust and our intentions at Calgoo

  1. Google Calendar est maintenant disponible hors-ligne!

    Disponible depuis lundi, Calgoo est une application gratuite qui vous permet d’accéder à vos calendriers Google même si vous n’êtes pas branché sur l’Internet. Ce logiciel n’est évidemment pas parfait, mais il me semble être une …

  2. Dale Holden says:

    Hi Calgoo

    I am very interested in your project but you make no mention of the data you are requesting in effect your asking every member for the details to access theirs Google account. I know your asking for the google calendar username and password, but that is always the same as GMail account! This would give your staff full access to users email and full google history. I am not suggesting you or any employees are dishonest but the lack of details you provide to new users signing up is very vague in relation to telling people what they are giving you.

    Thank You
    Dale Holden

  3. John Yu says:

    Why are you trying to improve google calendar? What are you future objectives?
    Is the team considering developing software to improve other online calendar applications?

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