Ask and you shall receive

September 7, 2006

Well, here it is, our first upgrade (First Draft v0.12), based on all the great feedback we have received from our initial users is being released today. To take advantage of the update you will need to download a new version of Calgoo, which is available from our website.

Calgoo First Draft v0.12 includes many enhancements:

§ Mac and Linux versions – Calgoo now installs on Mac or Linux machines, welcome to the party non windows users!

§ No gray screen on launch – on each launch of Calgoo your default calendar now automatically displays in 30 day view

§ Appointments dialogue – this now provides you an alternative method for adding appointments

§ Google Credentials – your Google information will now auto populate in the Edit Calendar dialogue. Please note that for security and privacy reasons nobody at Calgoo will ask you for your Google Calendar credentials and our staff do not have access to your Google details. Your Google credentials are stored on your local machine and are between you and Google.

§ Single click Calendar selection – you can now select and view the details of your calendars and calendar groups with a single click

§ Installation options – we have now have a non-JRE version for advanced users who want to control their installation of JRE1.5

§ Busy indicator –we have added some motion around the Calgoo owl (top right), to let you know there is action happening during a sync.

§ Initial Google Calendar loading – this is now done by the installation wizard; we have included a progress/action bar showing that there’s something going on!

§ Refresh your current view indicatorthe refresh icon now indicates that the current calendar has been updated

§ Adding new Calendars – the Manage Account option lets you import new Calendars including any you didn’t add originally or you deleted and would like back in Calgoo

§ Updating Account Information – you can now update Calgoo with any changes you have made to your Google account (via Google) or Calgoo account (via

We are still working on some of the larger items, such as offering mobile integration, the relationship between Calgoo and Outlook and greater sharing functionality.

If you want to keep up to date please check back here or sign up for our news. Remember, we do appreciate your feedback so please keep your comments coming, thank you.