Ask and you shall receive

Well, here it is, our first upgrade (First Draft v0.12), based on all the great feedback we have received from our initial users is being released today. To take advantage of the update you will need to download a new version of Calgoo, which is available from our website.

Calgoo First Draft v0.12 includes many enhancements:

§ Mac and Linux versions – Calgoo now installs on Mac or Linux machines, welcome to the party non windows users!

§ No gray screen on launch – on each launch of Calgoo your default calendar now automatically displays in 30 day view

§ Appointments dialogue – this now provides you an alternative method for adding appointments

§ Google Credentials – your Google information will now auto populate in the Edit Calendar dialogue. Please note that for security and privacy reasons nobody at Calgoo will ask you for your Google Calendar credentials and our staff do not have access to your Google details. Your Google credentials are stored on your local machine and are between you and Google.

§ Single click Calendar selection – you can now select and view the details of your calendars and calendar groups with a single click

§ Installation options – we have now have a non-JRE version for advanced users who want to control their installation of JRE1.5

§ Busy indicator –we have added some motion around the Calgoo owl (top right), to let you know there is action happening during a sync.

§ Initial Google Calendar loading – this is now done by the installation wizard; we have included a progress/action bar showing that there’s something going on!

§ Refresh your current view indicatorthe refresh icon now indicates that the current calendar has been updated

§ Adding new Calendars – the Manage Account option lets you import new Calendars including any you didn’t add originally or you deleted and would like back in Calgoo

§ Updating Account Information – you can now update Calgoo with any changes you have made to your Google account (via Google) or Calgoo account (via

We are still working on some of the larger items, such as offering mobile integration, the relationship between Calgoo and Outlook and greater sharing functionality.

If you want to keep up to date please check back here or sign up for our news. Remember, we do appreciate your feedback so please keep your comments coming, thank you.

37 Responses to Ask and you shall receive

  1. Joel says:

    looking good!! you guys for sure have my vote with a linux version now available. can’t want to see this app progess!!

  2. Dale Holden says:

    Hi Calgoo

    I am very interested in your project but you make no mention of the data you are requesting in effect your asking every member for the details to access theirs Google account. I know your asking for the google calendar username and password, but that is always the same as GMail account! This would give your staff full access to users email and full google history. I am not suggesting you or any employees are dishonest but the lack of details you provide to new users signing up is very vague in relation to telling people what they are giving you.

    Thank You
    Dale Holden

  3. Suzie says:

    I would love to use this…but after I install (v0.12) and check “Start the program” from the installation wizard and then click finish nothing happens, also in the program files folder and start menu folder there is no application just the user guide and the uninstall file…so basically I can not start or open Calgoo. I searched my comp for files/folders containing “calgoo” and similarly found no application. I have windows XP and tried both installing with and without JRE1.5 (first with and then without; I did not have JRE1.5 before installing). I am a new user so this is the first time I have used this….maybe I am missing something…help would be appreciated


  4. Jess says:

    I am chomping at the bit to use this, but without proxy support, it’s useless to me. Is support for proxies on the slate for the next release?

  5. tarjei says:

    Hi, I’m interested in this client as a general ical client – not a google calendar client.

    Why do you not provide that instead?


  6. Aaron says:

    I am running Windows Vista RC-1, and would love to us this, but I need to know has this been tested on Windows Vista RC-1 yet? And if so how did it work?


  7. Aaron says:

    Just installed this awsome program on Windows Vista RC-1, and it works great!! I have not run in to any issues yet. Knock on wood.


  8. helpmeowl says:


    Run the unistall, and delete the entire Calgoo folder (default is C:/Program Files/Calgoo). Then rerun the setup file.

    If this does not work please let me know what is happening. Is the program launching but then not functioning? Or is it not launching at all?

    Hope this helps,

    Help Me Owl

  9. helpmeowl says:


    We are working on proxy support and we are planning for it to be in a future release. Keep an eye on our blog for upcoming releases with proxy support.

    Help Me OWl

  10. Tommie says:

    Hiya guys,

    Good luck on your development on Calgoo, i started a similar project about 6 months ago which shares the same name. Lucky you i didn’t bother to register the domain for it 🙂

    No worries though, “my” calgoo is more of a wrapper which integrates calgoo into windows rather than working with the api toward google.

    It’s available here,

  11. Sidet says:

    Why dos AVG antivirus reports that the uninstall.exe file that comes with Calgoo to include a Trojan?

  12. chiefowl says:

    Dear Sidet,

    We take great care to ensure Calgoo contains no viruses, trojans etc. We test exhaustively to ensure this does not occur.

    However, it is possible that the copy of Calgoo you have has been infected on someone else’s computer, on a download site, file sharing site etc. We want to work with you to figure this out. Please tell me the version of Calgoo you are running (Help -> About), your OS and where and when you downloaded it from. Also, please advise which version of AVG and virus database you have.

    Best regards,
    Calgoo Chief Owl

  13. Sidet says:

    I did run the very first version of Calgoo(and liked it very much). Then I received a mail from you telling me that an update was ready, and needed for further use of Calgoo. So I upgrade to Calgoo First Draft v0.12. I did get my upgrade of Calgoo on the site “registered users”).

    The day after I did a complete scan with AVG antivirus, and it told me that the uninstall.exe file in the Calgoo folder had a Trojan inside (and AVG removed this exe file for me).

    I am running XP pro btw. I use the free version of AVG antivirus with the latest update (but I don’t know what code the database had cus I have updated the program since that time, so it has a new number now).

    So that’s the reason I removed the program that I liked very much(had to remove it manually since AVG removed the uninstall file).

    Sorry my poor English

  14. Sidet says:

    I know I was insinuating that the Calgoo team had put a Trojan inside the program deliberated. I am sorry that I did; I can’t possible know that, AVG can even been mistaken. But I must say I got very sceptical after AVG report, and know I am hoping that you can find out why this happened. Calgoo itself is a very good program, no doubt about that.

  15. John Cooper says:

    This is an excellent first draft! It displays all my gmail and google apps for my domain calendars. The only problem I find is that repeated events are not shown, only the first occurrence, I have scanned the help and announcements but can’t see anything. There is no provision for repeats in the define appointment boxes, so perhaps it is something you have missed?

  16. chiefowl says:

    Hello Sidet,

    Thanks for your time on this issue. We have tested Calgoo with AVG and several other antivirus programs. We cannot reproduce the problem you described and there is no virus in the file.

    It would be most helpful if you could download Calgoo again, install it and see if you can reproduce this problem.

    I know from personal experience it is possible to have a virus on your PC even if AVG or other software is installed. This could explain how the Calgoo file apparently became infected.

    With regards,

    Chief Owl

  17. helpmeowl says:


    We know about recurring events not displaying properly and are working on it for the next release. We mention more about it and other known issues in our FAQ section at the following link.

    Help Me Owl

  18. John Cooper says:

    Thanks, sorry for posting that here, I’ve now found the FAQ and the forums, will follow up there

  19. Suzie says:

    Help Me Owl,

    I did uninstall, delete all calgoo folders and files, and reinstall. I tried that a few times. So what happens when I do install is it goes through the installation process and then asks if I want to start the application when I close the install window…even if the box is checked nothing happens. Also if i look in the folder it created on the start menu all that is there is the uninstall function and the calgoo user guide. In the Calgoo folder under program files…there is a database folder, Calgoo.jar, Calgoo_User_Guide.pdf, double.ico, and uninst.exe but nothing to start the program so basically I can not get the program to launch at all.


  20. Rick says:

    Hey, good stuff going on with Calgoo. I like it but the user interface is another story, I suggest you guys overhaul the UI for the next release since it breaks away from the Window Manager among other things. If you guys could get the UI alot better, I’m sure many more people would use it. [Even Lifehacker agrees]

  21. Sidet says:

    Hi again Chief Owl
    The problem could not bee reproduce.

    I installed Calgoo again(First Draft v0.12) after checking my pc with AVG antivirus and some anti-spyware programs; to be sure it was “clean”. Then I did the checking again after a restart. No warnings from these programs now.

    So this brings me to the conclusion that the exe file was infected elsewhere, as you said.

    Thanks for your time; this shows me that the Calgoo team is taking us seriously!

    Have a nice day

  22. yaaang says:


    1) your support forums are down.

    2) please let new users have their verification emails resent.

    3) open-source this software, for the love of god!


  23. Daniel says:

    Calgoo is very good for me, but i would like to see it “portable” like apps form Are you planning it? Have a nice day a thank you for answer.

  24. w says:

    This product is a good idea and I’d really like to use it but I’m afraid it’s not yet “soup time”.

    Here are my major beefs (this from having used it for just a few minutes):

    1. Security is a REAL serious issue. You can say you’re honest and claim not to mis-use the user’s Google credentials but I’m afraid that’s not good enough. The users Google account information (both e-mail address and password) is stored in a database file as CLEAR TEXT on the user’s local machine and is extractable by a simple grep search operation. That makes any user using your product vulnerable to having their google credentials “lifted” from their machine with the use of a trojan horse type virus. Your google credentials window should give the user the option of not supplying their google e-mail or perhsp just the password (either or which would require to supply that credential data on every program launch) but, in any case, if they choose to supply the password, that password should be stored in a strongly encrypted format.

    2. One of the major pains of the online Google calendar is it’s week printing capabilities. Unfortunately, your product’s printing is also weak. Sure the PDF generation is great but why take up all the space on a page with empty hour (day-view print) or day blocks (week or month view print)? Google’s print should support a “Print Settings…” menu that provides formatting control, the minimum for which would be to print appointments (or events) in chronological order without wasting page space for empty time blocks and allowing control of which appointment fields to include (including description).

    3. I was disappointed by the Apointment edit area. I understand the desire to avoid popup dialog windows but if avoiding them requires having to squeeze important fields into tiny little text control boxes, then a dialog box should have been used instead. Perhaps it’s just a matter of inclosing the various Appointment text fields in splitter window panes so the user can control their various sizes. As far as rapid appointment viewing (a very common need!) why not employ a “sticky note” type control that pops-up on a mouse-over event that nicely formats all the fields that have data? The key here is to show all the information the user has entered in a single, quickly accessible view.

    4. There’s a bug with either the importing or displaying of a multi-day event. I couldn’t seem to get one to appear in the appointment area.

    But keep at it! I would not have take the last 10 minutes to write these remarks if I did not think Calgoo has potential.

  25. Alex says:

    I think this product is great. My only problem is that it does not work on my new set-up with google. I have a personal calendar with a gmail address…that’s working. The problem I’m running into is with my business account that is through thier new “Google apps for your domain” program. I have an address that uses my own domain, but no matter what I try, the setup of your program will not accept this login info. I’m guessing that there’s a “gmail” hard-coded somewhere? Any chance a fix is on the way? This would be a SWEET app for my employees if I can get it to work!

  26. Jan says:

    I started testing this yesterday but I noticed a “bug” in sync.
    When I add an appointment on monday and I enable the function to repeat this to every monday (appointment added online with google calendar) When I then press sync. I only get the first monday where I actually added this appointment, but I don’t get the “repeated” mondays. any bugfixes or new testing version available without this bug?

    Second suggestion is to make it more look like the google calendar, google calendar can just add an appointment with one click, but here you have to add it in another box next to the calendar (month view…)

    I have to say it’s not that bad, some bugs need to be fixed before i’ll be advising people to use calgoo too 🙂

  27. Erik says:

    Why am I able to login to your website with my username and password, but when I use the same exact username and password, I am not able to proceed through the Calgoo setup wizard?


  28. Gustavo Grillo says:

    I find this software really has potential, but some edges got to be trimmed first. When I sync from my Google Calendar a repeating appointment shows only the first date (just as Jan, two comments before this) and it shows an hour and sixteen minutes later than in my Google Calendar. Am I doing something wrong? Why 1h16min?

  29. Carl Nielsen says:

    One or two wishlist items:

    1. Allow user to start the week view on a Monday.

    2. Allow adding an appointment my clicking or double-clicking in the calendar on the time for the appointment.

    3. Allow deleting appointments by use of Del key.

    4. Right-click an appointment for context menu… edit/modify/etc.

  30. Stefan says:

    I *love* where Calgoo is headed. It sounds like it’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for so I’m excited to see what direction it takes.

    So wishlist items:

    1. I notice in the First Draft that you can’t set reminder times on events. I assume this coming.

    2. Synchronization with mobile devices — you’ve indicated it’s coming and I can’t wait!

    3. It would be really nice if you pulled-in the Gmail Address Book information into the client so that one could pick from that instead of the “buddy list” — not to mention edit it!

    4. I’m assuming Google is hard at work on a Tasks solution and when they (finally) release it, hopfully Calgoo will integrate with that service as well.

    Basically, my hopes/visions for Calgoo would be a desktop application which I use on a main PC (at home) in order to manage my Google PIM services (Gmail and Gmail Address Book, Calendar, Tasks) and sync my data to my Smartphone — basically a replacement for Ms Outlook. The difference between Calgoo and Outlook would be that when I’m away from home and need to access my PIM data, I can get to all of it via Google’s online services knowing that any changes I make there or on my Smartphone would all eventually get synced together via Calgoo — the “goo” that makes everything stick together.

  31. Xanderificus says:

    I’m with Stefan on this: I’d like to see this develop into a GooglePIM.

    If you can take the Gmail API and support drag&drop from mail to calendar it’d be fantastic. If one could drag a email from a split-screen gmail account into the CalGoo half of the screen (or vice versa), that’d be simplicity itself.

    OR… take a look at Chandler ( Their system uses ONE object and that object can be flagged as either/all of a Calendar / Mail / Task item. Click click click.

    In the meantime, other suggestions would be to have a “start of day” time assigned for those of us who will never schedule anything before, say, 8am. This would serve to reduce the length of the calendar on the screen, too.

    BUG: I rearranged my panes to have only the little month and New Event showing; bunching the others together and shrinking that pane to the far right. Upon restart of CalGoo, they’re all back to their defaults.

    BTW, For those looking to sync their iPod with their Gmail calendar, do a search for “GetCals”… or email me at xanderificus at gmail and I’ll send you the little program I’ve written to do the same.

  32. calgoo says:

    We really want to thank all of the people that have posted comments and suggestions in this thread. We read all of your feedback as soon as it is received and your input is included as an ageda item in our product planning meetings.

    Several of the issues that have been raised here are being dealt with in Calgoo Second Draft v0.2 which will be launched later today. If you subscribe to this blog by RSS, congratulations, consider this advance notice of the updgrade as being a reward for your interest in Calgoo.

  33. sang says:

    So, have you thought about adding sync feature?
    I have both OSX and Windows and would love it if Calgoo can sync to my iCal and Outlook calendar…
    There are few ways to sync iCal and Outlook to Google Calendar. but there really isn’t a way to go the other way…

    Maybe for the next version?

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