A giant step for Owlkind

Today is an important day for Calgoo and our fast growing community of users. We have just launched Calgoo Second Draft v0.2, a major step forward that incorporates many of the features that were requested via our blog and support forums.

First and foremost, we have a way nicer user interface. Check out the curved controls, drag and drop, rubber banding and other cool stuff with weird names. Now is a great time to upgrade to Second Draft (yes, it is still free) via this link.

Calgoo now works nicely with Google “Apps for your Domain” – Question: is “Google hosted apps” the shortest lived brand name in Google history? As Google continues to develop “Online Office” we anticipate a significant expansion in the use of Google Calendar by businesses and organizations. So, now you can look good in front of your boss as well as your friends by telling them about Calgoo.

The key features of this update include:

· Recurring appointments – you can now import, create and manage recurring appointments. So there are no more excuses for forgetting to put out the recycling each week, phoning your Mother every Sunday or missing any other regular commitment.

· Allowing you to drag and drop to move or change appointments – we know you all want an intuitive and easy to use interface, we are getting better each time and we intend to continue to improve based on your feedback.

· Help with proxy settings to deal with firewall issues – we hate it when people can’t use Calgoo because of Network Admin issues (but we love Network Administrators because we know the power they wield) so we have allowed you to control Calgoo proxy settings.

· Notifications and reminders – the nice folks at Google have made some significant improvements to the API and this has allowed us to use your Google Calendar settings to send reminders via SMS or email. Yes that’s right, reminders sent to your cell phone for appointments you make via Calgoo, how cool is that?

You can read about all the new features on our Release Notes page which is available here.As ever, we really appreciate your thoughts so please leave comments or raise questions here or via our Support Forum.

2 Responses to A giant step for Owlkind

  1. Calgoo « second Draft » maintenant disponible!

    Connaissez-vous Calgoo? Ce calendrier qui réside sur votre PC et qui se synchronise automatiquement avec votre calendrier Google. J’avais d’ailleurs écrit un billet sur ce produit que vous retrouverez ici. Et bien, depuis hier, une mise à j…

  2. David Mackey says:

    You guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work.

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