“we live in interesting times” – stay tuned

Our regular readers will have noticed that it’s been a little quiet on the blog front. This is because we have been working our little beaks off behind the scenes on some major changes that will become apparent very soon.

So, keep watching the blog and, if you are a member of our user community, look out for a special invitation coming out later this week.

More soon.

2 Responses to “we live in interesting times” – stay tuned

  1. d4vide says:

    I got here following the ‘blog’ link on calgoo…

    I received today the closed-beta invitation, but I subscribed on your site a bit too late (just a few hours late!), and the closed-beta was already – well… really ‘closed’.
    C’mon, I need calgoo… at the moment I use another calendar with the only ‘pull’ feature from google and I used calgoo for over a month (0.2 I suppose… last release before this beta)… I had to give up because the interface was to slow to load, and the appointments management a bit too complex… I would have liked something a bit more google-calendar-like… and yes… lighter… But now I’m here again, I’m following your link, I want to be a beta tester – I know I will hate myself for this… and you tell me I cannot because I came too late 😦

    Life is so sad. So please…
    pretty please…
    let me join the beta…
    I suppose I was kind enough in my request… and quite desperate, ah?

    Why do I want to be a beta so much?
    Am I still and alpha?
    And aleph sounds so much better.

    Sounds crazy…
    It’s 2.13 am and I have a meeting in 8.30 tomorrow morning – I’ll take my headache to bed. The web is just a trap.
    My wife is going to be so mad at me.
    I’m sorry.

    I have to go.
    Please consider my offer for the beta.


  2. John says:

    I tried to sign up for the closed beta but I wasnt able to get in. I am confused because I got an email asking me to join? Did I miss something?

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