The Calgoo Blog is Back

Well, we had a blog but it has been offline since Dec 2006. We found we didn’t have the time to update it effectively. What went wrong? I think we used it for too many purposes: company news, product news, tech support, user feedback…This also meant there were too many Calgoo people involved. We moved our tech support to a Forum which has worked well, but the Calgoo Blog has remained offline until today!

So now we are back online with a repurposed blog i.e. this is now my blog! I will be using this blog to talk about the way people use electronic calendars in their lives and how this maps to the direction Calgoo Software is heading. Hopefully I can use some examples from my own life and get comments and perspectives from others.

So what do I mean by “electronic calendaring”? I am talking about the use of desktop and online calendars such as Outlook, Google, iCal, 30boxes and the like. I am not talking about “scheduling” which to my mind is more about figuring out when a certain event can take place. Once this “scheduling” discussion has concluded, an event exists and should find its way into a calendar.

Let the calendaring begin…

Andrzej Kowalski, CEO Calgoo Software

One Response to The Calgoo Blog is Back

  1. Chris Jukes says:

    Welcome back Andrzej,

    I’m sure this will become a very useful resource


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