More calendars to sync and share

February 28, 2008

At this time we’re really focused on getting more calendar platforms inside our product line. We have had numerous requests for Apple iCal support and we’re close to a fully integrated sync and share solution that works with all Calgoo products. Full sync and share for 30boxes is also looking likely. This makes for some interesting sync / share scenarios: Google Calendar <-> 30boxes, Apple iCal <-> Outlook…


Calendar Publishing Made Easy

February 28, 2008

We’re close to integrating CalDAV publishing with Calgoo Hub. This means our calendar sync / share technology will be that much easier to use with calendars that have built-in CalDAV publishing: Outlook 2007 and Apple iCal primarily. Are there any others?

We’re back online

February 20, 2008

We experienced a major failure on one of our servers that took our ISP some time to repair. Our safeguards meant no data was lost and we were able to resume service on a new, faster server at approx. 5pm PST.  Thank you for your patience.

Calendar migration / Google Apps

February 18, 2008

We use Google Apps for email, documents etc in our Calgoo office. We need to migrate our calendar, documents and ideally emails from an old domain to the Calgoo domain. Google doesn’t make this easy at all. We can take care of calendar migration with our own technology but emails and documents (more so) are a challenge. With documents we will likely have to move them individually.

Calendar Sharing with Calgoo Hub Beta is now a Reality

February 15, 2008

Well, we finally released our cross platform calendar sharing service “Calgoo Hub” beta yesterday. I am waiting with anticipation for people to try it and send in feedback.  Or is this called “build it and they will come”? We are already planning for upgrades and enhancements but want to see what the community has to say about our offering. So let’s all start sharing!