Calgoo Hub on the march

March 21, 2008

Calgoo Hub is starting to generate some good traction. Calendarswamp has written about the “just works” experience which is great feedback.  The goal of just works interoperability keeps us moving forward. We’ll be reworking the user experience and workflow on our web site. In fact, Calgoo Hub is getting its own web site shortly so we can really tailor the experience focusing on just works.


Outlook 2003 ics subscribe – are you out there?

March 19, 2008

For Outlook 2003 to be fully supported in Calgoo Hub, we need an ICS subscribe capability. Since this is not built into Outlook 2003, we need to build our own or find an existing product to integrate or recommend. So far Remote Calendars looks the most promising, but we found the setup daunting. Are there any other candidates?

Apple iCal Springing Forward

March 19, 2008

We’re finalizing our sync and share support for Apple iCal.  Apple iCal joins Outlook 03/07, 30 Boxes, Google Calendar and Calgoo Calendar itself as fully integrated into the Calgoo platform .Bring on the next calendar platform…

Calgoo Hub Welcomes WebDAV / CalDAV – what to add next?

March 15, 2008

We’ve just added WebDAV / CalDAV calendar publishing support to Calgoo Hub. Outlook 2007, Apple iCal and Sunbird calendar users can now experience a full sharing experience (publish and subscribe) without any plugins. It’s incongruous that the desktop calendars have better standards support than the cloud calendars.

A fork in our product roadmap takes us either to implementing cloud sync/share or work on web display capabilities. Cloud sync/share would allow read/write sync and share between Google Calendar, 30 Boxes and other web calendars that we add support for as well as the desktop calendars we already support. This would mean no desktop plugin required.

Alternatively, we work on a web-based read-only view of user’s Hub calendars. The Hub access controls we already have in place would control who sees what. We would also offer a public free/busy view of a user’s calendar, if desired. This gives our users a web-based view of the calendars they have access to.

So what would you like to see us work on next? Any other requests?

BTW, Yahoo! officially announced (again) its forthcoming calendar API. Let’s get a move on Yahoo!

It’s a busy day in calendar sync world

March 6, 2008

Today Google released their own sync tool for Outlook and Google Calendar. We’ve had a chance to use it and it works well in a limited way: only works with your default Google and default Outlook calendar, doesn’t sync events you’re invited to, only supports one Google account. It does have 2 way and 1 way sync options.

We released our sync and share support for 30 Boxes today. We’re well on our way to syncing and sharing the world’s most popular calendar formats. Single sync solutions e.g. Google’s new Outlook and Google are helpful, but we believe there is a huge need for a sync and share platform that speaks many calendar languages: Outlook, Exchange, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, 30Boxes, Yahoo! (API now, please, Yahoo!). Sort of like what the new Plaxo is doing for contacts.