Calgoo Hub Welcomes WebDAV / CalDAV – what to add next?

We’ve just added WebDAV / CalDAV calendar publishing support to Calgoo Hub. Outlook 2007, Apple iCal and Sunbird calendar users can now experience a full sharing experience (publish and subscribe) without any plugins. It’s incongruous that the desktop calendars have better standards support than the cloud calendars.

A fork in our product roadmap takes us either to implementing cloud sync/share or work on web display capabilities. Cloud sync/share would allow read/write sync and share between Google Calendar, 30 Boxes and other web calendars that we add support for as well as the desktop calendars we already support. This would mean no desktop plugin required.

Alternatively, we work on a web-based read-only view of user’s Hub calendars. The Hub access controls we already have in place would control who sees what. We would also offer a public free/busy view of a user’s calendar, if desired. This gives our users a web-based view of the calendars they have access to.

So what would you like to see us work on next? Any other requests?

BTW, Yahoo! officially announced (again) its forthcoming calendar API. Let’s get a move on Yahoo!

8 Responses to Calgoo Hub Welcomes WebDAV / CalDAV – what to add next?

  1. Helge says:

    Outlook 2007 does NOT support CalDAV out of the box, it does support iCal-over-HTTP. CalDAV / GroupDAV are storing one vevent/vtodo etc per HTTP resource. This is important to make the synchronization fine grained enough. iCal-over-HTTP stores the full calendar (all events/todos) in a single HTTP resource.

    To add CalDAV capabilities to Outlook, you have to use a plugin, for example the ZideOne plugin (

  2. Tim Olsen says:

    The fact of the matter is, calgoo does not support CalDAV. They’ve just found some buzzword, not knowing what it means, and claimed that they support it. All they support is iCal-over-HTTP. That’s hardly CalDAV.

  3. chiefowl says:

    Our target platforms for calendar publishing support for Calgoo Hub Beta are Outlook 2007, Apple iCal 3.0 and Sunbird without plugins.

    As you know, CalDAV is based on WebDAV. Outlook 2007 refers to “WebDAV”. References for Apple iCal refer to CalDAV support.

    In RFC 4791, we support most if not all of the requirements for data definition (RFC2445, and specifically, 5.2.1 – 5.2). We use WebDAV style data transport via the PUT method (in other words, calendar publishing by uploading entire calendars). Our ACL is managed by our own service.

    We continue to work on our CalDAV support. On our web site we refer to WebDAV / CalDAV when you login in to access your Hub calendars.

    There is a fair amount of loose terminology about WebDAV and CalDAV. We will endeavour to be clear about our level of support as we develop our Calgoo Hub beta service.


  4. Tim Olsen says:

    There is no loose terminology here, just misunderstanding of the term on your part. If anything, you are bringing about the loose terminology.

    Apple iCal supports real CalDAV as well as publishing an iCalendar over HTTP. Just because iCal supports both, and you support one, does not mean you can claim to support both. You only support iCalendar over HTTP.

    You say you support one subsection of a 14-part RFC. That’s hardly cause to claim you support CalDAV.

    If you want to be clear about what you support, please announce that you’ve made a mistake and that you really do not support CalDAV.

    “Calgoo Hub Welcomes CalDAV – what to add next?” – How about actual CalDAV support?

  5. Jeremy Richards says:

    You mention that you are able to subscribe to a calender using ical. Could you please tell me how to do this? Your link to the apple website is not overly helpful. I have been able to publish my calenders but ideally I would like two way synchronisation.

  6. chiefowl says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Jeremy. Can I suggest you post this question to our Calgoo Hub fourm

    We will look into the Apple iCal documentation.



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