Apple iCal now Part of the Calgoo Family

We’ve integrated Apple iCal calendar into the Calgoo product line. You have already been able to publish / subscribe using Calgoo Hub calendar sharing service. Now you can also sync calendars with Calgoo Connect across all our supported calendar programs e.g. Outlook, Google, 30boxes, iCal.

7 Responses to Apple iCal now Part of the Calgoo Family

  1. Security?

    What’s the security if you start going through Calgoo connect to transfer appointments from Outlook to iCal? Is there any form of encryption?


  2. chiefowl says:


    To sync Outlook and iCal with Calgoo Connect we use our own proprietary protocol in binary format. It’s not easily decipherable but it’s not encrypted.

    We use WebDAV (iCalendar over HTTP) to sync and share for Calgoo Connect and Calgoo Hub. There is no encryption but it’s not that easy for a human to read either. Using WebDAV provides us compatibility with Outlook 2007, iCal and Sunbird built-in publish/subscribe capabilities.

    Calgoo Hub itself protects your private calendars with username and password.


    Chief Owl

  3. wernie says:

    great software, and getting better and better. I left my lifetime bought Spanning sync due to date shifts and bought calgoo. so far I only use calgoo calendar to sync google cal and calgoo. I left ical out, as there was or still is some ical issues with syncing. Have been waiting for the moment to come, when syncing between google, calgoo and ical is possible without risk of losing or moving all day events. Time Zome GMT (London Time Zone).
    Do I have to wait for OSX 10.5.3 or is Calgoo 1.8 already good enough for my professional needs in syncing 21 holiday home occupation calendars?
    Do I need Hub, COnnect or is it possible within Calgoo Calendar ?

    thanks for advise,

    werner brock

  4. chiefowl says:

    Hi Werner,

    Thanks for the great feedback.

    Calgoo Connect is certainly ready for you to use for syncing Apple iCal and Google Calendar. Send through your comments when you try it, please.



  5. presser says:

    Presser says : I absolutely agree with this !

  6. Jeerer says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Jeerer!!

  7. I like how you build this post, using a summary, as well as expose list. An excellent option for those seeking info on the run. Nice!

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