1M events shared on Calgoo Hub

July 29, 2008

Our Calgoo Hub users have now shared more than 1M events with each other. We are gratified that Calgoo Hub is getting such good use and that people are finding the service to be of value. If you have any suggestions for service improvements, please add them as comment to this post.


CalDAV support for Calgoo Hub

July 28, 2008

Google Calendar announced its CalDAV support so it is timely to announce CalDAV for Calgoo Hub.

Apple iCal and Sunbird users can sync directly to Calgoo Hub without any plugins or vendor products. The Calgoo Hub website documentation will be updated in a few days but the service is ready to try for those who users who can’t wait for the documentation. We have tested Google’s CalDAV implementation and have determined it is not compatible with Calgoo Hub CalDAV because both Calgoo Hub and Google Calendar act CalDAV servers. If Google releases CalDAV client support, then it should work with Calgoo Hub.

This release by Google affirms our business decision to focus on adding value to calendar inter-operability rather than point-to-point solutions such as Outlook <->- Google or iCal <-> Google.

So where are the ads?

July 22, 2008

To follow up on my last posting “Calendar free for all“, our “legacy” products Calgoo Calendar and Calgoo Connect are now free. We have no plans to deliver ads to these products. We will continue to develop and evolve these products. Paid users will get email support for the balance of their subscription period. Free users will have access to our Forum on a self-help basis.

Our newest service Calgoo Hub, which has been free since launch, and other services under development will deliver in-calendar advertising.

Please note: it is possible to use Calgoo Connect and Calgoo Calendar with Calgoo Hub, so in these scenarios free Connect and Calendar users may receive ads.

Calendar free for all

July 21, 2008

Calgoo’s calendaring products are all free as of Jul 22 with the release of our v2.0. This is consistent with our company’s move to in-calendar advertising business models.

Over the last 2+ years, we have built out our repertoire of calendar sync and share solutions. We started with Calgoo Calendar in Aug 2006 as a calendar visualization client. We then moved to Calgoo Connect to provide sync services across multiple calendar environments. We then brought it all together with Calgoo Hub to offer calendar sharing made easy.

I’ll have more on our in-calendar advertising in the near future as we roll out our new advertiser-focused products and services.