CalDAV support for Calgoo Hub

Google Calendar announced its CalDAV support so it is timely to announce CalDAV for Calgoo Hub.

Apple iCal and Sunbird users can sync directly to Calgoo Hub without any plugins or vendor products. The Calgoo Hub website documentation will be updated in a few days but the service is ready to try for those who users who can’t wait for the documentation. We have tested Google’s CalDAV implementation and have determined it is not compatible with Calgoo Hub CalDAV because both Calgoo Hub and Google Calendar act CalDAV servers. If Google releases CalDAV client support, then it should work with Calgoo Hub.

This release by Google affirms our business decision to focus on adding value to calendar inter-operability rather than point-to-point solutions such as Outlook <->- Google or iCal <-> Google.

10 Responses to CalDAV support for Calgoo Hub

  1. Joshua Rudd says:

    And just as I started to use it, Calgoo’s CalDAV has decided to totally FAIL this morning.

  2. chiefowl says:

    Can you please elaborate what you are trying to do and details of the problem.


  3. Joshua Rudd says:

    It’s working again.

    Yesterday I set up an account with Calgoo to try the new CalDAV support (with iCal). It worked like a charm. This morning iCal couldn’t connect to the server, and logging into Calgoo Hub via your site showed that I didn’t have any calendars.

    Later this morning it magically started working again. I’ll chalk it up to a free, growing service that isn’t reliable yet. However, I love the work you’re doing and am glad you guys are moving forward with calendar standards!

  4. Tim Olsen says:

    Why should I believe you guys this time? You said you had CalDAV support before but you didn’t.

  5. @Joshua

    It just so happened on the morning of 29th we were doing a minor release (v2.0.2) to patch an issue with European languages in Calgoo for Mac OS X, and we had to take the server down for a brief period of time. Seems like you caught us in the middle of it!

    While CalDAV is still not a publicly announced & documented feature of Calgoo Hub, it has been stable thus far. Thanks for your interest!

  6. @Tim

    Our support for CalDAV before was not as fully developed. Thankfully, we have users like yourself who keep pushing us to do better 🙂 Today, I can comfortably say that we support a lot more CalDAV features than Google Calendar does. Our CalDAV support extends to Sunbird as well.

    I urge that you give it a try first. Use your Calgoo Hub publishing address (, and your Calgoo Hub credentials. You will find that we have full support for event level sync, calendar creation, and all other CalDAV features as implemented in iCal and Sunbird.

    You may find Google’s documentation for their CalDAV support useful. Simply swap their server address and credentials for your Calgoo ones.

    Once again, thanks for your continued support!

  7. chiefowl says:

    Tim Olsen, would like to hear your take on our CalDAV support.


  8. Boyd says:

    I work with iCal. And these are the steps it takes for me:

    1. I create a calendar in iCal.
    2. I publish the calendar to Hub as I normally would.
    3. I connect iCal using CalDAV through the Preferences > Accounts.
    4. Delete (do not unplublish) the original calendar created in iCal.

    This is my question: Will there be any feature available in the future that let’s me create and manage my calendars without steps 1/2? Can I create a calendar online?

  9. Sarah(Calgoo) says:

    Once you have added your CalDAV account to iCal, you can very easily create new calendars online. Basically just do your step 3, then do the following:

    1. Go to File->New calendar and a popup should appear with your calendar groups.
    2. Select the group which is your Calgoo Hub CalDAV calendars. You should see a new untitled calendar appear in your list.
    3.Just give the untitled calendar a name.

    This calendar will be added to Hub automatically.

  10. Hi all,

    The CalDAV documentation is now live:

    Check it out!

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