Calgoo Core Customers Growing

August 22, 2008

A few months ago we decided to package up our core calendar sync / share technology in the form of an API and release it as a commercial product. One of our motives was to ensure our own technology would continue to be developed in a modular and scalable approach with good separation of concerns. Using an API approach assists us in meeting these goals.

Our other motivation of course was to generate revenue. I have been surprised at the almost daily inquiries about our calendar sync / share technology and the variety of products and services that prospective customers are developing with calendar inter-operability requirements. This is where Calgoo Core fills a unique need and position in the market for software development components.


First live customer for In-Calendar Marketing

August 12, 2008 has gone live with Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing. I am pleased to welcome them as a Calgoo client. offers online tee times bookings for Canadian golf course and will shortly add US golf courses. They have access to live data for thousands of golf courses. A key differentiator for is the ability to allow users to create live calendar feeds of the golf courses they select. This allows users to see the available tee times right from within their Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar etc and plan a golf came based on their personal schedule. Once the teetime is selected from the calendar view, it can be booked with a single click.

I am confident In-Calendar Marketing will be a major competitive differentiator for and I wish them success in their business.

Calendar Advertising

August 6, 2008

We’re still largely in stealth mode on this, but I can say our first customer will go live in approx. 1 week. I am really pleased with the technical progress and we are on track for a public release in early fall. In the same way people will buy niche magazines replete with advertising, I believe there will be an appetite for highly targeted and relevant calendar advertisements.