Delivering messages to a decision point

I like receiving meeting requests in my Outlook instead of a regular email that says something like: “how about we meet 2pm Friday at Trolls Restaurant”.

With the regular email I open it, switch to my calendar, check Friday, make a new event, switch back to the email, copy the relevant info, switch back to the event and paste, save the event, switch back to the email, hit Reply and type my response, hit Send.  Lots of steps.

With the meeting request I simply view my calendar, make  decision, click Accept. All done.

Now imagine advertising messages that I am genuinely interested in that involve dates and times e.g. a special tee time offer at my favourite golf course or a weekend special at the Whistler Fairmont Hotel. It’s much easier for me to view the offer in my calendar which is the place where I make scheduling decisions. I can act on the opportunity with only a few clicks.  This is the type of service I would use enthusiastically.

5 Responses to Delivering messages to a decision point

  1. Mister Peabody says:

    Where’s Calgoo! I can’t access the site!

  2. chiefowl says:

    Our hosting company is replacing a transformer as part of scheduled maintenance. We should be back up within an hour.

  3. Jeffrey Johnson says:

    The feature you are talking about sounds similar to what the folks at the Chandler Project are working on. Maybe you could check out what they are doing and see if you can work on interoperability with them.

    Thank you.

    Jeffrey Johnson

  4. chiefowl says:

    I wasn’t aware Chandler was working on calendar advertising models. I can’t find a reference. Jefferey Johnson can you point me in the right direction?

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