The Ideal customer for In-Calendar Marketing

As I talk to different businesess about the fit for In-Calendar Marketing some common attributes are emerging:

  1. They are already engaged and active with email marketing. Chances are they are using email marketing servicesfrom companies such as SilverPop or Constant Contact.
  2. They are looking for complementary marketing activities to further extract revenue from their customer list.
  3. In some cases they are concerned about the diminishing effectiveness of email marketing as consumers become more immune and resistant to these messages
  4. The business has a loyal following or brand among its customers who genuinely want to hear from the business.
  5. The business has time-based deals, promotions, events and inventory that must be used before it expires.

This combination of attributes leads to a good fit for In-Calendar Marketing and I will be posting success stories as they emerge over the coming weeks.

6 Responses to The Ideal customer for In-Calendar Marketing

  1. Marinkina says:

    Пора переименовать блог, присвоив название связанное с доменами 🙂 может хватит про них?

    • filipina heart says:

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  2. Gavrilin says:

    Нет,по настоящиму улыбнул 8 пункт,просто представил такую ситуацию ))).

  3. Ferinannnd says:

    Красавчег! Пиши исчё!

  4. Cavana says:

    How long will Calgoo be down for maintenance?
    Your site says you’ve been down since Feb. 6th. Very unusual. Are you coming back or should I search for another service?


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