New Calendaring Tool for eBay Buyers

October 21, 2008

We have just launched bidCal, a free tool that allows you to monitor relevant, upcoming eBay auctions from inside your calendar.

What does it do? In three easy steps, bidCal allows you to build a filter of items you are interested in (e.g.  “Ceramic Owl Figurines”), and then feed all relevant items that match this filter right into your calendar.  All you have to do is select “Add to Calendar” after building your auction feed.  Any item that is matched against your filter criteria will be visible in your calendar, providing you with a near real-time stream of the current bid price and auction details, displayed as an event at the precise time of the auction’s close.

With bidCal, the end result is that you can identify great bargains for the items you don’t want to miss.  You also save precious time in having these alerts delivered to you — via your calendar — in a format that ensures you don’t miss out on any bid deadlines.  bidCal works with most major calendar clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal & Google Calendar.  And it is free.

Follow this link to try out bidCal:

We had built bidCal initially as an internal tool to showcase our upcoming Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing technology, but we’ve received such great feedback on the tool itself, we decided to release it to the world as a stand-alone product.  bidCal is a great example of the type of communications that can produced via In-Calendar Marketing, a new permission-based marketing medium that can be used to promote time-sensitive products and services to existing customers.

We hope that once you have had a chance to try bidCal, you will send us your feedback.

Best Regards and Happy Bidding!