Calgoo Core Customers Growing

August 22, 2008

A few months ago we decided to package up our core calendar sync / share technology in the form of an API and release it as a commercial product. One of our motives was to ensure our own technology would continue to be developed in a modular and scalable approach with good separation of concerns. Using an API approach assists us in meeting these goals.

Our other motivation of course was to generate revenue. I have been surprised at the almost daily inquiries about our calendar sync / share technology and the variety of products and services that prospective customers are developing with calendar inter-operability requirements. This is where Calgoo Core fills a unique need and position in the market for software development components.


So where are the ads?

July 22, 2008

To follow up on my last posting “Calendar free for all“, our “legacy” products Calgoo Calendar and Calgoo Connect are now free. We have no plans to deliver ads to these products. We will continue to develop and evolve these products. Paid users will get email support for the balance of their subscription period. Free users will have access to our Forum on a self-help basis.

Our newest service Calgoo Hub, which has been free since launch, and other services under development will deliver in-calendar advertising.

Please note: it is possible to use Calgoo Connect and Calgoo Calendar with Calgoo Hub, so in these scenarios free Connect and Calendar users may receive ads.

Apple iCal now Part of the Calgoo Family

April 29, 2008

We’ve integrated Apple iCal calendar into the Calgoo product line. You have already been able to publish / subscribe using Calgoo Hub calendar sharing service. Now you can also sync calendars with Calgoo Connect across all our supported calendar programs e.g. Outlook, Google, 30boxes, iCal.

Calgoo Core – A Calendar Collaboration API

April 23, 2008

We’ve released a mini web site explaining the capabilities of our API. This is the same API our developers use as we work on our Calgoo platform. Calgoo Core provides a standardized programming approach for syncing, sharing and accessing multiple, disparate calendar formats.

Apple iCal Springing Forward

March 19, 2008

We’re finalizing our sync and share support for Apple iCal.  Apple iCal joins Outlook 03/07, 30 Boxes, Google Calendar and Calgoo Calendar itself as fully integrated into the Calgoo platform .Bring on the next calendar platform…

It’s a busy day in calendar sync world

March 6, 2008

Today Google released their own sync tool for Outlook and Google Calendar. We’ve had a chance to use it and it works well in a limited way: only works with your default Google and default Outlook calendar, doesn’t sync events you’re invited to, only supports one Google account. It does have 2 way and 1 way sync options.

We released our sync and share support for 30 Boxes today. We’re well on our way to syncing and sharing the world’s most popular calendar formats. Single sync solutions e.g. Google’s new Outlook and Google are helpful, but we believe there is a huge need for a sync and share platform that speaks many calendar languages: Outlook, Exchange, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, 30Boxes, Yahoo! (API now, please, Yahoo!). Sort of like what the new Plaxo is doing for contacts.

More calendars to sync and share

February 28, 2008

At this time we’re really focused on getting more calendar platforms inside our product line. We have had numerous requests for Apple iCal support and we’re close to a fully integrated sync and share solution that works with all Calgoo products. Full sync and share for 30boxes is also looking likely. This makes for some interesting sync / share scenarios: Google Calendar <-> 30boxes, Apple iCal <-> Outlook…