The problems with email marketing

Are we reaching saturation point with email as a medium? Spam filters, ISP controls, image blocking are examples of barriers to deliverability. And what about the sheer volume of emails many of us receive on a daily basis? In my working day if I leave the office a 1 hour meeting by the time I return many of the new messages in my inbox have already scrolled off screen.

Is it time for an uncluttered medium that is unplagued by these kinds of deliverability problems?

And what about “timeliness”? Email marketers tell us that Tue and Wed are optimal days to improve readability and action. But if you’re marketing an event or time-sensitive promotion, wouldn’t it make sense to present it in an uncluttered medium where people actually make scheduling decisions?

At Calgoo we’re working on these problems and will be launching a new service in October.

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