Calgoo v0.3 Closed Beta

December 22, 2006

Calgoo v0.3 has entered Closed Beta!

Thank you to all those who acted on our special invitation, the response has been overwhelming. We are pleased to say that the Closed Beta Support Forum is buzzing with activity and we are receiving some fantastic feedback.  We will be sharing the results of the Closed Beta with you in February.

With the holiday season approaching we at the “Owls Nest” are going to be spending some time with our friends and family. We will be returning to full capacity on the 2nd of January, so look forward to more updates in the New Year.

Have a fantastic holiday season everyone!


“we live in interesting times” – stay tuned

December 4, 2006

Our regular readers will have noticed that it’s been a little quiet on the blog front. This is because we have been working our little beaks off behind the scenes on some major changes that will become apparent very soon.

So, keep watching the blog and, if you are a member of our user community, look out for a special invitation coming out later this week.

More soon.